Hot bike for sale


Ok, so it’s not the best photo ever. My garage is rather dark.

But, there it is, my lovely import mountain bike from China.

18 gears. Dual piston shock fork. Rear coil shock. Shimano derailers. Twist grip shifter. Front and rear fenders. Awesome orange paint job. Wicked useful bell.

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A year-in-review

2009 kinda kicked ass

2009 kinda kicked ass

This past year pretty much rocked. And the New Year came in fine manner.  No kisses, but a bonfire amid the palm trees (above), new friends, lobster, a decent cigar (thanks, C!), champagne and even the Harry Connick, Jr., band playing Auld Lang Syne at midnight (never leave home without the iPod).

I meant to post this sooner, but here’s a little look back at my new life (as chronicled on this blog):

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Technology is a mother…

UPDATE: I have jumped on the University of Illinois public WIFI and I’m blogging from the parking lot next to Greg Hall. Apparently, it’s totally Comcast screwing with me. Damn Comcast.

I have spent inordinate amounts of time upgrading, growling at, fixing, wondering why its broken, crying over and finally giving in to technology in the last week.

Unfortunately, my normally stable, Mac-enhanced, technodriven lifestyle has been a mother of late.

This is my story:

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To live out of a backpack…

I would like to think I’m a minimalist, that I don’t really need much. People who know how I pack probably laugh at that thought.

As I was laying out my gear this morning, to be stuffed into one 110-liter trekking bag and small day/camera pack, I took this picture. Then I decided to label it all, so show just how much stuff I’m going to be carrying.

Note: this includes almost zero clothes and toiletries.

Not quite all of my stuff

Not quite all of my stuff

  1. Books. Travel guides to India, Kenya, Madagascar, Thailand, plus some entertainment reading and my Hindi textbooks.
  2. One pair of pants. I’m trying to limit myself to one pair of brown chinos and several pairs of shorts.
  3. Hand sanitizer.
  4. REI shell jacket. Water/wind proof, good for 40 degrees up to 85.
  5. Schlafly beer beanie. Soft material for packing fragile goods; nice for cold nights in highlands.
  6. REI Bug Hut Pro. Minimalist bug shelter.
  7. Reporter’s notebooks.
  8. REI mini multitool.

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New phone number 623…

…no, I didn’t move to Arizona, which is the 623 area code.

I’m the proud owner of a Google Voice account. It organizes all my phones present and future with one number and allows remote access — even by Internet — to voicemail and text. I’ve actually had it for several weeks, but am only now publicizing the number:


This will be my permanent phone number for as long as Google exists. Arizona was the only place I could get my AJADHAV handle.

Right now that number will ring my old cell phone, which will die when I leave the country. Once I’m overseas, calls to the 623 number will go directly voice, and I’ll be able to check the messages online wherever I am. Text messages will automatically go to my e-mail.

I won’t necessarily call back right away, but it’s the handiest way to leave a quick message or send a text.

And e-mails, of course, will continue to work at

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One month to go

I have one month left in the United States. I officially moved out of the apartment and into Joel’s house (temporarily) Friday. The weekend was filled with fishing and peaches and relaxing.

Now, it’s back to work. My to do list for the remaining days (not including substantial play time and peach eating):

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