King of angels

Angel King

Hello, King Angelfish. More properly known as the Passer Angelfish. They grow more than 15 inches long and are ubiquitous at dive sites in the Galapagos Islands. This one comes from Gordon Rocks, during a dive that was otherwise interrupted by the presence of thousands of little jellyfish.

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These guys will grow up to be trouble


My last dive at the celebrated Gordon Rocks site in the Galapagos Islands was hijacked by thousands of these little bastards.

Juvenile jellyfish (or so I’m told). Not much sting to them, unless they hit really soft skin on the face, but they were enough to drive away almost all other sea creatures.

A combination of very weird currents (and, I should say, weird for Gordon Rocks, which always had interesting currents that shift by the hour) created something of a dead zone in the middle of the site, which is a collapsed volcano cone. The result was a limbo that was hospitable to these tiny jellyfish, which were no bigger than half my thumb.

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A big swarm of barracuda


Predatory schooling fish? Yes. Dangerous in any way? No.

Meet a battery of barracudas swimming through a school (though not very visible, really just green specks) of juvenile jellyfish. I’ve seen Great Barracuda (more than a meter long) hunting at night in Thailand and it truly an awesome spectacle.

These come from my final dive off Gordon Rocks, Galapagos Islands. That day few other fish — and sadly no hammerheads — were seen due to conflicting currents and a swarm of thousands upon thousands of the young jellies.

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Hammerhead, vol. 5

Headed right for me

This photo should have been better, but alas, when the perfect dive finally came, my camera screen was already flooded. Hence the blind shooting. This is also low light, because I’m down at about 27 meters. Ended up in “deco,” divespeak for too deep, too long.

There’s also a brief moment of panic, when an 8-foot shark (though one with a relatively small mouth) swims straight at you as though you’re not even there.

But there’s no danger with the scalloped hammerhead. In fact, he’s endangered, because humans are pretty much assholes when it comes to treating sharks nicely.

Gordon Rocks, Galapagos Islands.

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Hammerheads, vol. 4


Profile of a scalloped hammerhead, Gordon Rocks, Galapagos Islands.

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Hammerheads, vol. 3

Shark from above

This guy came in nice and close. I gave chase, but alas, the scalloped hammerhead is a shark in his element. And I’m just a human pretending to be a fish.

Another fantastic dive at Gordon Rocks, Galapagos Islands.

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Hammerheads, vol. 1

Meet the scalloped hammerhead of the famous Gordon Rocks dive site in the Galapagos Islands.

For the record, this photo was shot blind, as my camera’s screen had flooded.

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New Movie: Grumpy Old Fish, starring…


Scorpionfish appear to be just about the grumpiest fish in the sea. This one comes to us from Gordon Rocks, Galapagos Islands.

And yes, he was almost stepped on due to his wicked camouflage.

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Lonely fish

Wandering wrasse

In the Galapagos, known as a hog’s head wrasse. Not a Harry Pottery shout out, but I like it.

From Gordon Rocks, Galapagos Islands.

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Fish stink-eye


Sometimes I wonder if fish think. Then I wonder what they think of scuba divers.

This guy just stared. From Gordon Rocks, Galapagos Islands.

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