Kebab week, Vol. 7

Some like it hot

In honor and memory of the Khan Market Aap ki Khatir branch, this week I devote the blog to a series of kebab-wallah photos from a trip with friends to the Nizamuddin location.

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Welcome to Ecuador, home of the roadside grill

I don't eat it but it smells like heaven

About five months ago, I became vegetarian. In India, it was easy. In fact, it started simply because I was in rural Sikkim and meat wasn’t available.

The conscious effort and discipline was something I had long thought valuable. And I consider it a not eating meat morally good, as meat production — particularly in the developed world — is largely unsustainable.

I was pescatarian to start and gradually weaned myself of fish and shrimp. I stopped eating seafood entirely — which I consider to actually be more problematic and less sustainable than other meats — two months ago.

That doesn’t change that fact that Ecuador was full of tasty-smelling grilled meat that made me salivate. See below for more of this pollo wallah (Ecuadorian Hindi fo “chicken man”).

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