Reports of the demise of neoliberalism have been greatly exaggerated

An undead British politician/matriarch was spotted roaming the streets of the Bay Area.

An undead British politician/matriarch was spotted roaming the streets of the Bay Area.

Loves Adam Smith but infinitely more so Hayek. Reagan had a huge crush on her/it. Studied and theorized by luminaries from Harvey to Foucault. I particularly like the thinking of Brown and Peck on this “subject.”

Wait, is this a person? Or a concept? Both. I forget. Or we can’t tell. Actually existing? British? Chicago? Everywhere, in all of us? Failing, but failing forward, to be sure.

Zombie neoliberalism

Thus a Halloween costume was born out of my PhD research (part of it, anyway).

Exploiting crisis conditions, we must remember, has been a hallmark of neoliberal governance, even if the recent pattern of events seems less and less like a ‘normal crisis’. But again, the jaded and discredited project threatens to lurch haphazardly onward (if not forward)—that is, unless concerted political opposition blocks its path, and until an alternative sociopolitical program begins to fill the attendant vacuum. ‘Dead but dom- inant’, neoliberalism may indeed have entered its zombie phase. The brain has apparently long since ceased functioning, but the limbs are still moving, and many of the defensive reflexes seem to be working too. The living dead of the free-market revolution continue to walk the earth, though with each resurrection their decidedly uncoordinated gait becomes even more erratic.

Happy Halloween!

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Zombie makeup, dead sea captain, abstract concept

W. M. TRADE, Captain

My costume this year was both esoteric and abstract. Keep in mind that I’m in an environmental policy program. But I’ll help parse out all the levels below.

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Happy Halloween!

I will carve thee yet

Say hello to my deformed little pumpkin.

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Protected: Halloween’s frights amid Lodi’s beautiful tombs

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Getting dressed up, Desi-style

Thankfully it's not me in the sari. Not 'til Halloween, anyway...

My former roommate Pujya (right) helps fix a sari on her friend Tennille before they head for a wedding reception. Pujya may be teaching me how to wrap a sari since I am going to be dressing like a woman this Halloween (2010 is an even year, no?), and India does conveniently have a traditional sect of cross-dressers, the hijras.

Also, sis, I may need to borrow some gold to pull this one off proper-like.

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Dia de los Muertos

I went to a posh club for a Halloween (Dia de los Muertos) party (thankfully things fell into place and I didn’t miss my favorite holiday of the year). The party was somehow connected to the Mexican Embassy.

My costume, last-minute and on the cheap: Twister.

I found a toy store, bought the game for $6.50, cut a hole in the mat, turned it into a poncho/shirt (duct tape and carabiners to hold it together), hung the spinner around my neck with a shoelace and voila!

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Look at this Indian devil


Khan Market gets just a little festive

Happy Halloween everyone. Given how much I love this holiday, this guy absolutely made my day. Helps that I also found what sounds like a decent party and a costume in the span of an hour.

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