Finals blogging hiatus and “I wish I were here…”

The view from Namchi

In between fevered bouts of studying for Environmental Economics and Environmental Science, I’ve been dreaming of the himalayas. Here’s an old favorite photo.

I’m officially powering down the blog for a while (possibly until after the new year, but I almost never succeed at leaving it alone). Happy holidays to all.

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Artificial scents in your laundry detergent? Bah!

Tide Mountain Spring and Oxy-Clean Mountain Fresh and sundry other suds ain’t got nothing on the smell of clothes dried properly in fresh Himalayan air.

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I want to live there…

Tiny mountain farm house

The forested hills and mountains above Dharamshala.

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Lost mountains: Kabru over Pelling

Kabru N and S

A lost photo from a while ago. Tonight I was remembering my days in Sikkim a year ago. Here are is Kabru peaking out from the evening clouds. This view comes from Pelling.

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Majestic views from Upper Dharamshala

Breathe free

With a soundtrack of chanting monks, a permanent Tibetan refugee population and backdrop of the Himalayas, Upper Dharamshala — known to tourists as McLeod Ganj — is enchanting. This view comes from the Dalai Lama’s monastery, the Namgyal Monastery.

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Fresh mountain air

Stunning drive-by

On the drive from Amritsar to Dharamshala, the majesty of the Himalayas is unveiled. After living in Delhi, breathing clean air and looking upon healthy forests in India is truly spectacular.

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The mighty Kanchenjunga range

Kanchenjunga (right) at sunrise


Pelling offers so many good photos. So easy to take them.

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Misty foothills of south Sikkim

The view from my school of the Bhuriakhop valley

The school where I “teach” is tucked away near the end of a valley along winding mountain road. At about 6,000 feet, we’re officially the foothills of the Himalayas.

The topography of the area also means that clouds roll into the valley destroying visibility on many days. I’ve been on a few jogs now where I can’t see more than 10 meters at midday.

The monsoons have also come early this year, according to my local colleagues, so most days are wet, misty and gray. Every now and then, we get sun for a few minutes or hours (as above) but mostly we’re shrouded in fog and cloud (as below).

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Hello, Himalayas. So nice to meet you.

The mountains came out to play

The Kanchenjunga range of the Himalayas, as viewed from a balcony in Namchi, Sikkim at about 6 a.m. late last month.

It was incredibly hazy; I needed a few seconds to distinguish snow-capped peaks from clouds on the horizon, hence the grain and contrast adjustment.

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