Dimag aur blog dono me jang lag raha hein

My brain (dimag) and my blog are filled with rust (jang). For the past month, I have been in Dehli studying Hindi 20 hours a week and commuting another 20 hours a week. When I’m not doing either, I’m usually sleeping or mingling (ghumna-milna) with family. Or editing/rewriting one of several papers that need to be submitted for publication on topics (vishay) ranging from education in traditional economic sectors to urban hippy forestry to biking.

Furthermore, in theory if not in practice, I should be thinking in Angrezi as little as possible. So the blog has been powered down (bijli funtoosh ho gayi?) for a while. I’m sure it will come back (bijli wapas aa gayi?) on days when I have my act together. I have lots of things to say — watching debates over environmental protection (vatavarn ki raksha) and economics (arthashastr) and politics (rajniti) in this crazy quasi-democracy (loktantr). Just not enough time/energy to say them.


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Petrol pump pop philosophy

Wise words from... a gas station?

I spent the last weekend in Pune meeting family. Every time I go, I pay a visit to the city’s old bazaar area known as “Camp.” On my walk from the bus stand to the main market lanes, I always pass a petrol station that dispenses wisdom — sometimes — from an old chalkboard.

In Hindi and in English.

Inevitably, there are a few people crowded around reading. Or, in the case of this man, taking notes. Or, in my case, taking photos.

Among the gems in English on the board:

  • “When we work 4 a strong purpose… hard work is not an option; it’s a necessity.”
  • “Running away from any problem will only increase the distance from the solution.”
  • “Change the texture of our thoughts and life will change. The future is not something we wait, it’s something we create.”

Unfortunately, I can only translate bits and pieces of the Hindi.

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The kids put on a good show

The students put on a show with elaborate costumes and rehearsed dances for their parents, teachers and local residents of our valley.

It was an absolutely fantastic day. If possible, I was even proud.

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