Holi mubarak!

Color to the face

Best. Holiday Ever. No celebrating this year (Holi officially was Wednesday). Above shot comes from 2011, the last time I played holi, pakka pakka. Next year, however, I expect to be in full color beast mode with family.

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Fashion from the streets of Agra

Hot pink shoes are all the rage

Photo taken in mid-March. Almost two weeks after Holi, fashion trends on Indian streets were still affected. This autowallah’s “Holi ka jute” went from white to bright pink. Permanently.

Sorry for being so late on the photo. Time passes quickly.

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Holi cow! Well, not really…

The streets will run with color

Holi is my favorite of the Indian holidays. Everyone celebrating gets good and messy and good and messy — throwing “color” (powdered paint or dyed water balloons or oily goo or normal paint or mud or ash) at each other. I’ve been in India twice for the festival, held in the spring to, among other things, herald the coming of the warm season.

This year, I rocked through Pune briefly to “play Holi” (read: get messy and take photos) with my cousin. We covered a lot of ground around the city, but it was a rather sleepy, subdued day. We got a late start, and Pune is a bit tame when it comes to Holi. (A recent bombing at a high-profile tourist hangout that also killed some local college students didn’t help the mood.)

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Six months out, not looking back

Looks like he's having fun, doesn't he?

It’s been six months since I said good-bye to U.S. soil and, as much as I do miss the wonderful folks back home, I’m looking for ways to stay out here a good deal longer.

No need for a recap just now; it’s all here on the blog anyway. A photo of me cheesing it up from Holi should suffice.

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Are you ready for some Holi?!?!

Jabalpur 2002

We’ve got less than two weeks until Holi, and I might be getting a little excited.

The religious festival, this year scheduled for March 1, involves people getting a bit out of control and painting each other with colored water and powder and paint and God knows what else. It’s symbolic of spring’s triumph over winter, good over evil, and the open future over bygones past.

More photos after the break.

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