Corporate population control hilarity

I spend a lot of my days in grad school debating whether population is a disaster waiting to happen and whether we need moral restraint or mutually agreed upon coercion. Which is the dominant variable in affecting environmental impact: population, affluence or technology?

(Hint: In my world view, it’s not exactly any of those three, but a related yet different issue: consumption.)

But all such debates tend to be repetitive, theoretical and mind-numbing. So, for laughs, here’s a different, ridiculous take on the so called population problem.

Let’s be clear that it absolutely misses any mark regarding how to solve the biggest global problem of our time. Indeed, the message is highly flawed and simplistic; too many Indians knocking boots is not the problem, and consumption of increasing forms of technology by the affluent is certainly not the solution.

And yes, this is just a corporate marketing ploy. But, again, in the category of hilarity to defuse the tension, I give it five stars. That my Hindi has improved enough to get some of the jokes is even better.

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India’s varying grasp of English

Maybe it comes in a sippy cup?

Many hand-painted/written signs contain spelling errors. A Jaisalmer alcohol stall nearby (above) still needs some help with basic English. On the other hand, one cloth wallah has a decent marketing plan (below) for the tourists: dirty humor.

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Definition of a mirror

Warning: I work

Kudos to David for spotting this.

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Gumballs in the toilet?

Gumball toilet cakes? Genius.

Gumball toilet cakes? Genius.

Nairobi has its quirks, no doubt.

Of course, equally amusing (I’m sure) was the sight of me taking pictures of the urinals in a club toilet. As I took this photo, a gentleman stepped out of the stall behind me and basically gave me a “WTF” glare. I had no explanation other than I thought it was funny.

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