A year ago, we were married again…

Our flash mob wedding in St. Louis

Our flash mob wedding in St. Louis

One year ago, surrounded by family and friends, we had a flash mob wedding on a beautiful St. Louis Saturday afternoon. This technically was Ishani’s fifth and my fourth wedding. Four — the temple/social wedding in Delhi, another ceremony that no one attended in Ghaziabad, the official court proceeding in Ghaziabad, and the St. Louis social ceremony — were with each other. Per tradition, Ishani’s first wedding was to a tree behind her house.

A sincere thanks to everyone who was there with us in St. Louis to celebrate. Those who wanted to but couldn’t make it were of course missed. We raise a glass to you all.

This post is back dated. Not because I forgot, but we because we’ve been without Internet a majority of the last few days. Hooray for monsoon weather!

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