Women, the real power in village labor

Hauling brush

I title this blog facetiously. Women in rural India — like much of the world where paternalistic orders still apply — share an unfair burden of the drudgery and muscle-rending, joint-stressing, fatigue-inducing labor that is day-to-day existence.

Not that men don’t work hard as well, but it would be difficult to say that division of work doesn’t shift more physical work to women while men are more likely to occupy positions of authority and thereby relative ease. Such is reality in a society where modern, Western ideas of equality are still working there way down from on high.

Above, women in Rajasthan carry brush and fire kindling through rocky scrub, which for much of the year is blisteringly hot.

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Pull ‘er over for a quick prayer

A roadside shrine on the “highway” from Kesroli back to Delhi.

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Sundown on Kesroli

Rajasthani peace

We were treated to fantastic views for sunset from the rooftop terrace during our visit to a small fort hotel in Kesroli, Rajasthan earlier this year. For someone who lives and works in the hustle and bustle of the megapolis that is the Delhi region, this respite was priceless.

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Bougainvillea in bloom

Spring (or Indian summer) has arrived and my favorite flowering plant — bougainvillea — continues to blossom more with each passing week. The above comes from early blooms on one of the balconies of our hotel room during a visit to the Rajasthani countryside in February.

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