Hiding spot

Yellow little fish

Barrel sponge hide-n-go-seek.

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Shark bay calm

Lead me beside still water

A great afternoon snorkeling and free-diving with reef sharks. Which, for the record, are super fast and swim away too quick.

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Weird, weird underwater life

Flat worm

There are lots of weird looking living or semi-living things underwater. I’m still only learning to identify them. Above is a flatworm blending nicely with the reef. Below, we have a varicose sea slug sporting bright colors. And then, well, I don’t know what that is.

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Wish I lived in an anemoneonemenome


Shark Bay snorkeling. Magnificent anemones in a bay of mostly broken and dead coral. And yes, sharks.

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The Rock

The pinnacle

Sail Rock. One of the Gulf of Thailand’s premiere dive sites. My buddy Russ and I campaigned for a week straight to get our dive shop to lead a trip there. Two hours after our 6 a.m. departure, we pulled up to this pinnacle in the middle of the gulf. My camera isn’t rated for the depth we hit, so this is the only picture you get.

But underwater, the isolation of this dive site is clear. The sheer numbers of fish are staggering; ribbons of jack and other large pelagics circle the pinnacle. Huge morays hide with their yapping jaws sticking out of the rock. The two dives here phenomenal.

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Some things are simply better together

Never roam alone

These two butterfly fish stayed as a pair, hanging out for most of the dive. Though plenty of fish are either solitary or schooling, it’s nice to see some actually coupling. Almost romantic. For fish.

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Camo fish

Where's Waldo?

Sand gobi, I believe. Hanging out. He’s actually protecting a blind shrimp (not pictured) that’s building their home.

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This fish is giving me the stink eye

Who you looking at?

Long-fin bannerfish at Mango Bay, Koh Tao

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Blocking out the sun


I love schooling fish. They’re like sentient, underwater clouds.

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Coral comes alive

Soft or hard coral? I don't know

More below, including the dreaded, biting cleaner wrasse.

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