Sunrise against the forest

Light reaching down into the woods

Every Wednesday I have to get up early enough to beat traffic. I have early class. Lately, when I’m just hitting the road, the dawn has barely arrived. The dark such that I keep my lights on.

By the time I get to campus, the sun has climbed just high enough to reach the tops of the trees.

What a glorious sight!

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Lost photo: Maasai Mara as a storm rolls in


Every now and then, I enjoy going through old photo libraries looking for gems I missed. This one is particularly appropriate as I’ve been debating the merits of running away from the “system,” living off the grid in a utopia of simplicity.

Sadly, I don’t think it’s possible and too ideal.

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Cold, beautiful water


A rocky inlet of Isla de la Plata, a national park island off the northwest of Puerto Lopez. The waters are home to some of the best Pacific wildlife outside the Galapagos — manta rays, giant diamond stingrays, green turtles a plenty, even the occasional hammerhead shark.

The temps, however, mean wetsuits are a must. Low 60s, Fahrenheit.


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Vulcan Sangay


The view from the bluff, where I stayed en la selva. This was the only day in almost four weeks that the horizon was this clear. To the left is Vulcan Sangay, in Sangay National Park. The park, home to two of Ecuador’s active volcanoes, is an endangered UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Clouds over Quito

A view to the south

A view from Quito’s basilica. On the hill stands the Virgin of El Panecillo. The city is truly wonderful, a jumble of history and culture and modernism all at once. Beautiful and clean with a dangerous side.

I could spend more than few days here.

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Quiet English coast

When I'm a lighthouse operator, will you come visit?

Not a spectacular photo, but a peaceful scene. Great to look out the train from London to Glasgow and see the countryside and the coastline.

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A walk in the woods

A stroll after the rain

Colleagues Lopen and G.S. walk home after we paid a visit to a wedding farther down our valley. It had been raining most of the afternoon, but the clouds cleared and the sun broke through the trees.

A fine evening.

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Hello, Himalayas. So nice to meet you.

The mountains came out to play

The Kanchenjunga range of the Himalayas, as viewed from a balcony in Namchi, Sikkim at about 6 a.m. late last month.

It was incredibly hazy; I needed a few seconds to distinguish snow-capped peaks from clouds on the horizon, hence the grain and contrast adjustment.

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Nothin’ but blue skies… I see.

India is generally a dusty and often smoggy place, especially in Delhi. That makes a clear blue sky a real treat.

This one comes from Darjeeling, interrupted only by prayer flags and strings of green and white Gorkhaland decorations.

I’m continuing the Darjeeling photos while I’m off diving in Pondicherry.

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