Blooms of Lodi

Where's a botanist when I need one?

From an afternoon in Lodi Gardens. A bright flower that I cannot identify. Anyone?

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Kabutar! In silhouette…


On the dome of a Lodi Garden tomb.

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Protected: Halloween’s frights amid Lodi’s beautiful tombs

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Falling stars

Chamrod flowers on Lodi Gardens

In March, the dying flowers of Chamrod, as it’s called in India, cover patches of Lodi Gardens and other green spaces in Delhi. Just another one of nature’s details.

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Light on the wing

Took him a while to hold still

In Lodi Gardens. Took me a good bit to get close enough for the photo. He eventually ignored me. Or just wanted me to pay attention to him.

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Blue skies over Delhi

The tomb of Sikandar Lodi

A fine sky over the resting place of the namesake of my favorite place in Delhi.

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Cozy in Lodi

Resemble anyone?

More Lodi lovers. On the green lawns outside the octagonal tomb of Mohammed Shah.

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Ahhhhh, young love

Hot snuggle in the park

Lodi Gardens is Delhi’s green lung and respite from the hustle and dust of the city. But it’s also a haven for young lovers who, in a society that is mostly repressive of sexual urges, can come here and snuggle and canoodle to their heart’s content.

It’s actually more public necking than would likely be deemed appropriate in the U.S., though they do generally keep their clothes completely on. And sometimes it’s literally necking, as mouth-kissing is still far more taboo than kissing necks (and foreheads and hands and ears and arms and…).

I try to be discreet when photographing their trysts:

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Blooming Delhi

Spring is in the air

Delhi’s brief period of bloom is about over, as the oppressive heat will soon dry out all but the hardiest flora. This comes from Lodi Gardens.

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Because I like the light

14th-century light

14th-century light

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