Welcome to Ecuador, home of the roadside grill

I don't eat it but it smells like heaven

About five months ago, I became vegetarian. In India, it was easy. In fact, it started simply because I was in rural Sikkim and meat wasn’t available.

The conscious effort and discipline was something I had long thought valuable. And I consider it a not eating meat morally good, as meat production — particularly in the developed world — is largely unsustainable.

I was pescatarian to start and gradually weaned myself of fish and shrimp. I stopped eating seafood entirely — which I consider to actually be more problematic and less sustainable than other meats — two months ago.

That doesn’t change that fact that Ecuador was full of tasty-smelling grilled meat that made me salivate. See below for more of this pollo wallah (Ecuadorian Hindi fo “chicken man”).

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Chicago, that meaty town

I'm vegetarian now but that looks damn good

During my swing through the Midwest this summer, I ended up spending an afternoon at the Taste of Chicago. It seems a bit diminished from my memories of years past.

But there was still plenty of opportunity for expensive if also tasty food. And take pictures of strangers eating glorious haunches of meat that I no longer consume myself.

This gentleman, who I believe is named Dave, was willing to let a strange man photograph him eating. I even told him I would be posting this on my blog. Brave, that guy.

And the juicy, saucy detail shot:

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Thai food diary: Unknown, uncertain, don’t care


Don’t know what it is. Don’t want to know what it is. It tastes fantastic.

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Thai food diary: More stick food fun

Again with the food on a stick

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Thai food diary: Meat on a stick

Stick food, the best kind there is.

I want a table-top charcoal grill. Though I can’t do meat on a stick anymore.

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Meat, glorious meat

Plastic wrap isn't exactly an option.

Plastic wrap isn't exactly an option.

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