The last time I ate meat

Ceviche wallah

Ecuadorian ceviche — basically lime, seafood soup — was the last time I had meat. After this $5 bowl of shrimp ceviche, I swore off the whole process, particularly seafood as it’s simply unsustainable and bycatch is disturbing.

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Fruit, glorious fruit


Ecuadorians love their fruit smoothies — batidos. I particularly love a blackberry batido. Batido de mora and granola made a fantastic breakfast.

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Surf’s up in Montanita

A solid half-kilometer of break

So are the hippies, in Montanita, a little tourist town with a great bit of surf in southern Ecuador, where people get drunk at night and make shell jewelry and braid hair by day.

The human vibe was a bit overwhelming — it really is just a party town — but sitting on a rocky levy overlooking crashing 10-foot waves wasn’t so bad.

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