My non-human family…

Growing obsession

Since I sold my car, I’ve had a growing love affair with my bikes. And as I commute 12-miles round trip every day on hills that leave me more wiped than 35 miles in Champaign ever did, the bicycle is an essential part of my daily routine.

Left to right:

  • My 2011 Trek 1.2. Entry-level road bike but upgraded a bit after the my hit-and-run last week. She’s riding good as new with wonderful rims. I know there are much better road bikes, but she’s still my (non-human) baby.
  • The newest addition to the family, a late-1980s Ross Diamond Cruiser. Picked up for me by a kind soul at a garage sale. It’s a 1×5 with fat tires, swept-back handlebar, a super-wide seat and a very relaxed riding posture. This is a project bike and needs a good tune-up that I’d like to learn to handle myself. I also want to swap rims for 700cs with cyclocross tires, downsize the seat and replace the cruiser bar with a narrow cow-horn. Or I might redistribute it to a friend who doesn’t have a bike right now.
  • My 2005 Trek 820. Entry-level mountain bike. Nothing fancy but a fine all purpose bike. And it rides fantastic. Definitely my about town bike (until the Ross is fixed up).

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Hot bike for sale


Ok, so it’s not the best photo ever. My garage is rather dark.

But, there it is, my lovely import mountain bike from China.

18 gears. Dual piston shock fork. Rear coil shock. Shimano derailers. Twist grip shifter. Front and rear fenders. Awesome orange paint job. Wicked useful bell.

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Welcome to Wal-Mart…er… Nakumatt

Nakumatt is the Kenyan version of Wal-Mart. It’s everything you need, in bright clean aisles — food, clothing, bicycles, motorcycles, cheese graters, camping gear, stoves, refrigerators, hair gel (the mohawk is going strong).

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