Lost mountains: Kabru over Pelling

Kabru N and S

A lost photo from a while ago. Tonight I was remembering my days in Sikkim a year ago. Here are is Kabru peaking out from the evening clouds. This view comes from Pelling.

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Fresh mountain air

Stunning drive-by

On the drive from Amritsar to Dharamshala, the majesty of the Himalayas is unveiled. After living in Delhi, breathing clean air and looking upon healthy forests in India is truly spectacular.

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Hello, Himalayas. So nice to meet you.

The mountains came out to play

The Kanchenjunga range of the Himalayas, as viewed from a balcony in Namchi, Sikkim at about 6 a.m. late last month.

It was incredibly hazy; I needed a few seconds to distinguish snow-capped peaks from clouds on the horizon, hence the grain and contrast adjustment.

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