Octopus stinkeye

I see you, too

I see you, too

A shifty octopus trying to get away from me on a dive off Unawatuna, Sri Lanka.

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Eight legs, one hole

Does not want to be seen

An octopus hides in a hole after I scared him out of his camouflage. Below, you can see him right center frame but his ability to blend is just too good.

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Hiding in plain sight

Can you see the eight-armed bugger?

Octupi (octopuses is also acceptable) are incredible with their camouflage ability. Can you spot the octopus above? He was far more hidden until switched rocks before my eyes. Without depth perception, I probably would never have spotted him underwater.

Octopuses, like their relatives, cuttlefish and squid, could be considered the “camouflage champions” of the animal kingdom.

This absolutely fascinating guy held still long enough for me to get too cold off San Cristobal’s Frigate Bird Hill in the Galapagos Islands.

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