Beautiful but excruciating

A prowling Common Lionfish

The visibility was lacking, but I caught this lionfish out stalking. They are solitary, predatory fish that aren’t common but usually can be spotted resting on or against the reef once or twice on a dive.

The fish has a wide of array of spined fins which deliver a powerful and horribly painful toxin, like all members of their family, Scorpaenidae. It’s not deadly but the pain can last for hours, according to divers who have been unfortunate enough to brush up against a lionfish.

During the day, they often park themselves motionless. When swimming in the open, they usually move slowly and deliberately, sometimes hovering (as above) in odd positions.

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Uninsured and in pain. Could be worse. At least, I’m in India.

I’ve been walking anywhere from two to 10 kilometers per day. It’s exercise, I see and learn the city better, and it beats the hell out of dealing with and paying for autorickshaw rides everywhere.

But in the last two days, my right foot — though it shows no external symptoms and I recall no major trauma — has felt like it’s on the verge of exploding with each step.

(Think jagged metal Krusty-O magically implanted between my fourth or fifth metatarsal. Sharp, stabbing pain when putting weight on the ball of my foot. Sometimes, the pain shoots up my leg.)

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