Why I ride in freezing weather…

DC's understanding of snow this winter

Because my first downhill into the park makes it all worthwhile.

Well, my wrists were exposed and are now burned by windchill.

But it’s worth it.

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The road is no place for you little buddy

Nearly road kill

I almost ran this little guy over on my morning ride a couple days ago. I haven’t seen a Banded Woolly Bear (known in my childhood as a woollyworm) in years.

I dodged him at the last second while going through Rock Creek Park, turned around and stopped to ponder him for a few minutes. I also tried to get him off the road with the leaf above. He briefly got on the leaf, but as soon as I moved the leaf he began to play dead — as is the woolly bear’s defense mechanism — and fell to the ground.

I decided to leave him there lest I cause more trauma. Cute little bugger though. Legend has it they herald the coming of a strong winter.

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Lost photo: Maasai Mara as a storm rolls in


Every now and then, I enjoy going through old photo libraries looking for gems I missed. This one is particularly appropriate as I’ve been debating the merits of running away from the “system,” living off the grid in a utopia of simplicity.

Sadly, I don’t think it’s possible and too ideal.

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Hanging out, inside the highway off-ramp

Grassy knoll inside a highway interchange? Indians say let's chill.

Grassy knoll with public art inside a highway interchange? Indians say let's chill.

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