My parrot will not sit still

And now for something completely different.

Hamesha idhar udhar aise vaise kachar pachar.

Chalu bird.

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Ancient parrot

Qutub resident

Green tota! Ancient ruints!

A parrot flies over the ruins in the Qutub Minar complex. My favorite bird (yes, I appreciate parrots even more than pigeons) appear all over Delhi in the form of the ubiquitous rose-ringed parakeet.

But they’re particular fun to watch at parks and monuments where they’re relatively unhassled by noise, traffic, pollution and other urban detractions. They’re one of the most successful parrot species at adapting to “disturbed” environments.

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Little shop of birds

Cute little bastards like biting my camera

South Ecuadorian coast. “Pet” birds in sleepy Ayampe at a corner shop, that never seemed to be quite open. But the birds were damn cute. I want a pair for my apartment in Delhi.

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