New India knows how to party


Tote, at Mahalaxmi Racecourse

I went to an American product launch party in Mumbai this weekend, for an assignment that deals with India’s economic ascension. I’m not giving more details, in part because I’m still chasing this story.

But you get an idea of a high-end Mumbai shindig and India’s new money.

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Of drums and elephants

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The wedding party breaks up

On a recent evening while I was transcribing in my room, drums exploded outside my window (hit play above). They echoed through the neighborhood here at Tutti Chowk, Paharganj, and by the time I got down to the street, what I believe was a marriage procession had turned down enough alleys that I couldn’t find the drum gang and only heard the banging in the distance.

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Marriage is a bang

Last Friday, on my way to Khan Market for my kebab fix, I passed a wedding ceremony in full-swing — procession of horses, band and dancing kids.

A few minutes later, the fireworks began and the above photo was taken.

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Dia de los Muertos

I went to a posh club for a Halloween (Dia de los Muertos) party (thankfully things fell into place and I didn’t miss my favorite holiday of the year). The party was somehow connected to the Mexican Embassy.

My costume, last-minute and on the cheap: Twister.

I found a toy store, bought the game for $6.50, cut a hole in the mat, turned it into a poncho/shirt (duct tape and carabiners to hold it together), hung the spinner around my neck with a shoelace and voila!

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Look at this Indian devil


Khan Market gets just a little festive

Happy Halloween everyone. Given how much I love this holiday, this guy absolutely made my day. Helps that I also found what sounds like a decent party and a costume in the span of an hour.

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