A man yesterday asked me why I care about the ocean…


And I actually struggled briefly. I can list all the ecosystem services the ocean provides: carbon sink, climate regulation, regional weather control, vital food chains. I can talk about all the direct human needs that are satisfied by the ocean: the billions that live off fish for protein, the hundreds of millions whose jobs depend on the seas.

Those are all reasons why I care. But my passion is really driven by the wildness of the blue below, and how exhilarating and yet also peaceful it is to visit that world.

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I wouldn’t mind being a lighthouse keeper.

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I want to live there…

Tiny mountain farm house

The forested hills and mountains above Dharamshala.

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Deserted beach town

Noise pollution: one rooster

Welcome to Ayampe. A quiet — too-quiet — town on the south coast of Ecuador. Two nights of peace. The loudest source of sound: the ocean itself. And the above rooster.

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Scottish salmon heaven

Drool now

Rolled oats on baked, highland salmon with dill cream sauce over vegetables. Eaten on a balcony over-looking Loch Lomond. The waiter told me I looked to relaxed for my own good. I don’t know how I could have been otherwise.

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By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes

Where the sun shines bright...

Took a nice short trip from Glasgow and had a pleasant afternoon on the banks of Loch Lomond. I really need to stop going to beautiful places by myself.

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Quiet English coast

When I'm a lighthouse operator, will you come visit?

Not a spectacular photo, but a peaceful scene. Great to look out the train from London to Glasgow and see the countryside and the coastline.

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Quiet sunrise, empty mosque

Sweeping out the dust

At sunrise, as the tourists shuffle into the Taj Mahal complex, the mosque to the west is nearly quiet. Except for a few wanderers and the caretaker. Photos below.

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Solitary prayer

Worship in your own way

At about 7 a.m., we were in the crowds of people streaming into the Taj Mahal for the glory of sunrise. Most tourists make straight for the Taj itself, to admire the monument as the marble changes in the warming light.

After a quick stroll around the gardens, I made for my favorite spot in the Taj complex, the western mosque. There I sat for the better part of an hour to meditate and pray. Other than a few pilgrims (like the one above), some dying bees and a man cleaning the mosque floor, I was alone.


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A sage, hip lampost

Drop beats, not bombs

Found while geocaching near Hauz Khas, New Delhi.

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