Healthy coral in the deep blue


I spent several days diving recently off Panama’s Isla Colon, where the water is cloudy with sediment, corals are sometimes covered in sand, mud and dirt and large schools of fish are hard to come by. This is likely due, at least in part, to the runoff from all the plantation activity in the surrounding country.

I can’t help but contrast that with photo, from Dixon’s Pinnacle in the Andamans, of remote, relatively untouched coral that is clean, free of disease, blue shifting from the depth and unbleached.

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Ohhhh… barracudaaaa

A large swarm of teeth

Majestic if also a bit unnerving in a school. I’ve seen the cloud of exploded fish after a hunting great barracuda went in for the kill. They could easily dispatch me if they were so inclined.

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I’m still amazed by truly healthy coral

Hanging off of Dixon's Pinnacle

After a week in Costa Rica and Panama and several days diving in silty, sediment-filled water, it’s almost refreshing to look back at clear blue underwater at Dixon’s near Havelock.

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Lost at sea

Lost photo: Tortuga Bay

I’m powering down the blog for a week or so. I’m touring in Costa Rica and Panama, getting a good dose of sun and salt water.

This is from my files from an afternoon at Tortuga Bay, Galapagos.

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When the stars make you drool… it’s a moray!

Open wide

Johnny’s Gorge. He’s actually just breathing. And he’s substantially more afraid of me than I of him.

But still, these guys are unnerving. Amazing and unnerving.

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Lionfish out for a swim


These guys tend to stick close to reef and shelter during the day, frequently not moving at all and relying on their camouflage and poisonous barbs to defend them.

This one, was out above the reef almost in open ocean for a cruise at Johnny’s Gorge.

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Like a big pizza pie… that’s a moray!

Wrinkly with teeth

All leather and fangs but no actual threat (to divers).

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Lionfish have weird eyebrows…

Am I right?

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Jadoo tree

My favorite tree in the world

Neem, the magical, medicinal tree of India. This one towers over a courtyard in the Qutub Minar complex and carries with it so many fond memories.

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Cruising Johnny’s Gorge

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