Immutable layers of Delhi

Qutub Minar was built, updated, added to and changed by various rulers. It’s massively divergent and intricate in its details. All are stone cuts from the various nooks of the monument complex.

Also, I wish I could read, write, speak Arabic.

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Tools of the trade

Qutub construction

All of Delhi is being rebuilt — a combination of the country’s new wealth and the upcoming Commonwealth Games. Even parts of the historic Qutub Minar complex are getting a facelift. This is from some renovation and restoration going on near the college and tomb of Alauddin Khalji.

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My world heritage

Leaning back against the centuries

Qutub Minar in south Delhi is fantastic, with parts of it very well restored. It draws tourists from all over the world as one of India’s chief World Heritage sites. As a quasi-dual citizen, I pay Rs. 10 to get in.

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