To live out of a backpack…

I would like to think I’m a minimalist, that I don’t really need much. People who know how I pack probably laugh at that thought.

As I was laying out my gear this morning, to be stuffed into one 110-liter trekking bag and small day/camera pack, I took this picture. Then I decided to label it all, so show just how much stuff I’m going to be carrying.

Note: this includes almost zero clothes and toiletries.

Not quite all of my stuff

Not quite all of my stuff

  1. Books. Travel guides to India, Kenya, Madagascar, Thailand, plus some entertainment reading and my Hindi textbooks.
  2. One pair of pants. I’m trying to limit myself to one pair of brown chinos and several pairs of shorts.
  3. Hand sanitizer.
  4. REI shell jacket. Water/wind proof, good for 40 degrees up to 85.
  5. Schlafly beer beanie. Soft material for packing fragile goods; nice for cold nights in highlands.
  6. REI Bug Hut Pro. Minimalist bug shelter.
  7. Reporter’s notebooks.
  8. REI mini multitool.

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