Getting taken for a ride


I wish they'd just use the damn meter

This is from the backseat of my friendly neighborhood autorickshaw, the same one that I’ve now taken on multiple occasions when I don’t have time to walk a bit.

Now, by law, the rickshawwallahs are supposed to use the meter (little box above displaying the number 10). But good luck finding one who will, because invariably they get more money by simply haggling.

You see, I live at present in a budget tourist hotbed, which means there are plenty of foreigners who A) don’t know what they should pay B) have the money to pay the extortionate rates for which they’re asked.

Normally, when I need a rickshaw for a longer ride and I have time, I walk away from the tourist sectors to get better prices. Or if my destination is under say eight kilometers, I just walk. It’s quite nice.

But when I’m headed for interviews or just need to get places quickly, as was the case this week, I am forced to pay the higher rates from the guys closest to my room.

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