≤20 seconds: Dancing lemurs

I’ve decided to begin posting video shorts — ≤20 seconds — of particularly compelling, stunning or funny scenes. Think slice-of-life moments that cry out for more than just a photo. I’ll be adding these from time to time to the blog in a separate category, as well as to a new YouTube channel.

The first (more lemur-induced laughs) comes from southern Madagascar at the Reserve de Nahampoana.

I can already hear exactly how at least one of you will giggle.

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Ring, brown and sifaka, oh my! (photos)

Lemurs and other wildlife from the Reserve de Nahampoana in southern Madagascar.

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Sifaka is pronounced ‘shif-akh’ (photo)

Hello, sifaka.

Hello, sifaka.

Cute little bastard, isn’t he? One of the Reserve de Nahampoana’s many funny “dancing” lemurs, so named because when on the ground they hop sideways everywhere they go.  More photos coming soon.

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