Thai food diary: Accoutrements

Burning goodness

Some like it hot. I know I do.

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Wearing red in Bangkok

Not much for Red Shirts to do, except sell red shirts

My only day in Bangkok a few weeks ago, I wandered the streets and, in particular, the Red Shirt protest zone. The protests are making the news more frequently as the political situation worsens and violence breaks out.

I can’t pretend to sort out the full politics, but the tension includes a healthy dose of class struggle. The Red Shirts, the protesters that are camped in the Thai capital, are mostly poor villagers with nothing better to do, led by a populist leader. They accuse the other side — the Yellow Shirts — and the current government of being morally bankrupt and only focused on urban wealth.

I should also note that it’s generally accepted, if not publicly agreed to, that there’s corruption on both sides of the political-cum-violent struggle.

Tempers are clearly rising now, but the one day I was there, things were peaceful. Aside from a bit of rallying which I stayed away from, the Red Shirts mostly were hanging out as above and below. Police were on guard, but seemed half-asleep at their posts when I spoke to them briefly.

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Dog days of Delhi


The heat brings out the laziness in street dogs. Lucky for my camera (see below).

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Street life

Street ledge home

A family keeps its household wares sprawled out on a step along the sidewalk where they sleep. The New Horizon Sugar Mill is now defunct.

Pondicherry hip shot.

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Chalk outlines

Street art makes me happy

Pondicherry graffiti.

I’m traveling at the moment in Rajasthan with Joel and Kate. I won’t be near the Internet much for several days. Enjoy preset blog posts.

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Life’s little details

Darjeeling domestic

I like photos of the domestic, the everyday, the routine. I love the details.

It’s no spectacular photo, but it comes from a street in Ghoom, a little town outside Darjeeling.

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