Bridge over calm waters


The Connecticut Avenue bridge over Rock Creek park on a crisp Thursday evening. A nice interruption to my ride home.

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Sundown on Kesroli

Rajasthani peace

We were treated to fantastic views for sunset from the rooftop terrace during our visit to a small fort hotel in Kesroli, Rajasthan earlier this year. For someone who lives and works in the hustle and bustle of the megapolis that is the Delhi region, this respite was priceless.

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Sunset over San Cristobal

Clouds break just enough to dazzle

During much of my time in the Galapagos, I shivered away my evenings due to a steady combination of cloudy skies and cold in my bones from too much diving. One evening, however, the clouds broke enough to let the sun shine through.

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Quito sunset

Sunset over Quitumbe

Beautiful light on a crisp evening in Quito. I was on my way to the Quitumbe bus terminal, having finished my volunteer stint. Next stop: Ecuadorian coast.

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Dreaming of sunsets over the sea

Rays of light on Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

I’ve been writing a travelogue and environmental essay. Which has me thinking of the Andamans, sand and diving.

Thankfully, I get back to the sea next week, if only for a little while. FYI, starting Monday, the blog will be on autopilot for a few days.

The sunset above was just too easy.

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Sunset over tea

The sun dips behind the ridges of tea in Darjeeling

The Darjeeling series continues with this silhouette sunset.

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Sunset over Havelock

Right before a my first night dive

Right before my first night dive

The sun dips to the horizon at about 4:45 p.m. on New Year’s Day as we tie on to the buoy at one of Havelock’s popular dive sites, the Wall. A new friend, Beatrice (above), and I both log our first night dive.

Little can compare to the transition from day to night underwater, as the deep blue of the sea turns to murky navy and then almost black.

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Sunset on a quiet beach

Isolated and beautiful

Isolated and beautiful

I’ve been in Ft. Dauphin, where the keyboards have the French layout and very few people speak English, for three days now. This, by right of its natural beauty, should be a perfect sun and surf tourism destination. Unfortunately for the local economy, it’s mostly empty (not withstanding the four French guys I met playing foosball who, again, spoke almost zero English).

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