Pose for the photo, white people

Photos with ferengi

Last month, I went touring with Joel, Katie, David and Julie. Next to the four of them, it’s painfully obvious I’m not white. I might not look completely Indian, but the touts, crazies and gawkers prefer to stare at and bother the pasty folks.

Fine by me.

Indians also generally get a bit frenzied and/or silly around a camera.

Put the two phenomenon together and I got to laugh incessantly. Enjoy some other weird photos below.

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He put up a good fight

In the throes of death

The eaves at the Taj Mahal mosque are home to bee hives. Hence, the floors at the Taj Mahal mosque are home to worn-out worker bees looking for a peaceful place to die.

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Taj heaven inside Agra hell

One of my favorite spots on earth

Today I’m in Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, with Joel, Kate and David. We’re meeting David’s friend Julie there as well. The blog is running on autopilot for a week or so until I’m back in Delhi

As many people know by now, I’m not a fan of Agra and its predatory ways. Of course, Agra is home to a Wonder of the World, the Taj Mahal, so an occasional visit with friends is unavoidable.

Thankfully, inside the Taj complex, I’ve found one of the most peaceful spots on the planet. Especially early in the day. I took the above photo inside the mosque just west of the Taj.

I spent a long, morning hour in prayer there in 2002, before this caretaker came by to splash water on the floor and sweep. The tourist crush showed up soon after to ruin the moment.

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