I’m a lionfish, hear me roar

Lionfish eyeing me suspiciously. But with his protection of poison spines, he’s not going anywhere.

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I’d say he’s my favorite fish, but I say that about too many fish…

Can you see him?

Possibly a bearded scorpionfish though the distribution is wrong. Still, they’re incredibly fun to spot.

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Riding the current with bannerfishes

Current dive

Longfish bannerfish cruise headlong into a moderate current. This way bits of food come to them and they essentially hover above the reef. I’m attempting the same, though I’m not streamlined like a fish and tire a bit quicker.

This dive was also one of my first dives leading a large group. I had seven other divers (though one was an instructor) following me on the Wall.

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Daydreaming of blue overhead

I’m trying to read Arthur Mol and Peter Dauvergne but I’m distracted by thoughts of The Wall.

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I’m thankful for wild spaces and so much more

Tomato clown

I have a lot to be thankful for: people I love, the direction of my life, numerous opportunities and wild spaces like this anemone+tomato clown.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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Clowning around


The Wall. Western clownfish.

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Not a plant, despite perceptions to the contrary

Reaching out

A clinched feather star at night. This is not a plant; it comes from kingdom Animalia.

This is a juvenile of one of the oceans weird and amazing creatures. In adult form, it is often called a sea lillie and attaches itself permanently to a spot with a stalk.

Most often, they appear ball-ed up like this during the day and unfold to filter feed nocturnally. This one was disturbed by divers’ torches during a night dive at The Wall in the Havelock channel. (Though we like to pronounce ourselves ‘eco-tourists’ we can be disruptive, too.)

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What a lion’s mane…

In some ways, like a peacock

Lionfish are wonderful to stare at with all their spines splayed like feathers or a shock of hair as the glide slowly until its time to strike. Nighttime at the Wall.

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Lions in the night

Probably annoyed with me

Poisonousbutbeautiful. Out for a stroll at night. Caught in the flash. From the Wall.

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Fish interrupted


Nothing ruins camouflage like some harsh underwater flash. From a night dive at the Wall.

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