Baby clownfish, bubble anemone


South Button. This guy is so tiny even in macro, he’s just not visible.

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Intricate and delicate


They’ve been all over campus this fall.

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The road is no place for you little buddy

Nearly road kill

I almost ran this little guy over on my morning ride a couple days ago. I haven’t seen a Banded Woolly Bear (known in my childhood as a woollyworm) in years.

I dodged him at the last second while going through Rock Creek Park, turned around and stopped to ponder him for a few minutes. I also tried to get him off the road with the leaf above. He briefly got on the leaf, but as soon as I moved the leaf he began to play dead — as is the woolly bear’s defense mechanism — and fell to the ground.

I decided to leave him there lest I cause more trauma. Cute little bugger though. Legend has it they herald the coming of a strong winter.

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Sometimes nature produces crazy things…

All natural

Underwater, the world is decidedly blue. Except when nature goes rogue, with this iridescent red anemone and its sentinel of a clownfish.

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I’m funny how? I mean, funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you?

Yes, you are amusing

Clownfish. Defensive, angry little clownfish.

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Table coral nursery school


I love staring at the reef. Every few seconds, it becomes more and more alive as your eyes adjust and pick up the details.

Here, some young butterfly fish or damselfish hide in a patch of table coral at Dixon’s Pinnacle. I could have easily swam right past them.

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Tiny spider man!


One of nature’s best policemen that we routinely squash as pests. This little guy actually comes from the Andaman Islands and he spent a good 30 minutes hitching a ride on me before I convinced him going on a boat and under water was bad for his health.

I’m trying to get the blog powered up again after a busy month or so. We’re headed for a long train of ocean/dive/conservation photos held over from my three weeks of divemaster training in Indian this February.

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Hello, mouse lemur, don’t run away

Cute but difficult to photograph

Forgive this random photo, but I realized that I had the shot and never posted it.

Meet the mouse lemur, the smallest of Madagascar’s native, if strange, primates.

I managed to photograph him in a small tree during a hike through the Reserve de Nahampoana near Ft. Dauphin. This nocturnal little guy hides dutifully during the day, but even at night he’s a bit shy.

My guide spent the better part of an hour scouring various trees and bushes before we spotted him by torch light. He jumped away almost as soon as my flash went off. A second chance for better focus was not an option.

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These guys will grow up to be trouble


My last dive at the celebrated Gordon Rocks site in the Galapagos Islands was hijacked by thousands of these little bastards.

Juvenile jellyfish (or so I’m told). Not much sting to them, unless they hit really soft skin on the face, but they were enough to drive away almost all other sea creatures.

A combination of very weird currents (and, I should say, weird for Gordon Rocks, which always had interesting currents that shift by the hour) created something of a dead zone in the middle of the site, which is a collapsed volcano cone. The result was a limbo that was hospitable to these tiny jellyfish, which were no bigger than half my thumb.

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Nude lungs


A nudibranch in the bay at San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands.

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