Apparently triggers are becoming vogue in restaurants…

Devil fish

But I still say don’t eat the exotic reef life like the titan triggerfish. You don’t know how it got to your plate; nor do you know what other creatures in the sea’s rain forests (coral reefs) died along the way.

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Evil, evil fish

Devil fish

Well, not really… but I have a healthy fear of the titan triggerfish. Though most are wary of divers, some have been known to be hyper-aggressive, ramming and biting divers.

And as the fish can grow two-and-a-half feet long with jaws that crush coral, an encounter with an angry titan is not a pleasant thing. Many of the fish off Koh Tao, Thailand, seem the be particularly aggressive and I’ve watched a nesting trigger attack divers.

This trigger paid me no mind, however, as it cruised along Minerva’s Ledge near Havelock Island.

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