Congratulations Dan and Supriya!

Proposing on mile 23 of the Chicago Marathon? Slick, Dan. Slick.

Many, many congrats to the both of you. I’m incredibly happy for you.

In your honor, here are a few good memories; I know there will be many, many more.

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Worthy of remembrance

Mom and I toured the Martin Luther King, Jr., memorial Monday when it opened to the public in a kind of soft launch before the official dedication this weekend. It isn’t as grand as the Lincoln, Washington or Jefferson monuments in scale, but it has its own power.

It’s a small garden along the Tidal Basin, edged by a semi-circle of granite etched with quotes from perhaps the greatest American conscience, moral lamppost and orator ever.

Near the focal point of the circle is a 30-foot bust of sorts carved into white stone of King.

Certainly a grand honor and King was certainly worthy of nothing less.

Take heed

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A spire of history


It is truly wonderful to be able to visit a World Heritage Site for just 10 rupees. I don’t visit often enough.

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‘No charge for pagri’

I became a public spectacle

The Golden Temple is Sikhism’s most holy place. All those entering the temple must out of respect and acknowledgement for tradition cover their heads.

This has given rise to a whole industry of people selling scarves, kerchiefs and other headgear in the bylanes leading to the Golden Temple complex. The temple itself also offers free head coverings in the form of simple scarves.

Since I often wear a long stole with my kurta-pyjama, I have learned to tie myself a makeshift turban, or pagri, on festive or religious occasions. That had been my intention again, when I visited the temple complex on holiday in March.

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Majestic views from Upper Dharamshala

Breathe free

With a soundtrack of chanting monks, a permanent Tibetan refugee population and backdrop of the Himalayas, Upper Dharamshala — known to tourists as McLeod Ganj — is enchanting. This view comes from the Dalai Lama’s monastery, the Namgyal Monastery.

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Fresh mountain air

Stunning drive-by

On the drive from Amritsar to Dharamshala, the majesty of the Himalayas is unveiled. After living in Delhi, breathing clean air and looking upon healthy forests in India is truly spectacular.

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Mughal mosque

Kabutar and mosque

The mosque to the west of the Taj Mahal is a superb example of Mughal-era architecture. And it’s too often ignored by tourists who are focused on the gorgeous monument just to the east.

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You can’t stop staring


The Taj Mahal, western elevation, from the archway of the adjacent mosque.

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The world’s most beautiful building


My fourth trip to the Taj Mahal. It’s still overwhelmingly beautiful.

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Children of the fort

Brother and sister

Young ones wandering at Agra Fort. Maybe looking for tourists to harangue. Or to be harangued by tourists (read: me).

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