Evil, evil fish

Devil fish

Well, not really… but I have a healthy fear of the titan triggerfish. Though most are wary of divers, some have been known to be hyper-aggressive, ramming and biting divers.

And as the fish can grow two-and-a-half feet long with jaws that crush coral, an encounter with an angry titan is not a pleasant thing. Many of the fish off Koh Tao, Thailand, seem the be particularly aggressive and I’ve watched a nesting trigger attack divers.

This trigger paid me no mind, however, as it cruised along Minerva’s Ledge near Havelock Island.

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Hungry, hungry triggerfish

Thankfully, he isn't interested in us

Triggerfish on Koh Tao, Thailand are evil. The titans there will give chase to any diver who wanders too close. Thankfully, triggerfish off Isla de la Plata (above) don’t care at all.

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