Vegan pizza: A failure of execution…

Lesson: looks ≠ taste

After almost four weeks of being vegan, I became ambitious and tried my hand at vegan pizza. Looks tasty, no?

I started with a bread recipe that came highly recommended, but turned out less than stellar in practice. I substituted wheat flour thinking of health and got heavy dense bread. It didn’t help that my crust was far, far, far too thick (lacking a rolling pin).

I also failed in the pizza sauce, not mixing in enough spices (oregano, garlic, salt, pepper).

Worst of all, I opted for the cheaper fake cheese veggie shreds. The higher quality, more expensive Daiya cheese-like veggie shreds work. These were an epic fail, despite promising to melt.

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Who needs turkey?


It’s Thanksgiving. What do you do when you don’t eat meat?

Use vegetable protein. Mmmm…

Green and leafy + fungus

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Pickle man

Pickle jar

A fun Lincoln Square organic and/or vegan restaurant provided me with an afternoon of wifi, photos and tasty food and condiments. Welcome to Drew’s Eatery. (That’s Drew in the background.)

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