Third anniversary of one of our weddings…


It’s a lot more fun to celebrate multiple anniversaries. This June 29 is the third anniversary of our St. Louis wedding (above).

Three years down, the rest of our lives to go.

Love you, darling.

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Our anniversary

Three years ago

Three years ago

…is a little difficult to pin down as we’re never quite sure whether we were married on December 22, which is what everyone else remembers, or whether it was on December 24, which is what the government recognizes.

Seeing how I failed to set a blog post to go live before we took off for holiday, I’m posting this today, now that we’re back home, on our legal anniversary.

Love you, darling.

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Two years since we all met us in St. Louis

Our flash mob wedding in Forest Park

Our flash mob wedding in Forest Park

June 29 is our second anniversary of what felt like our fifth or sixth wedding ceremony. But it was the only one we had with U.S. family and friends. And we were so grateful to all who supported us, in person and in spirit.

And we still are. Lots of love to you all.

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A year ago, we were married again…

Our flash mob wedding in St. Louis

Our flash mob wedding in St. Louis

One year ago, surrounded by family and friends, we had a flash mob wedding on a beautiful St. Louis Saturday afternoon. This technically was Ishani’s fifth and my fourth wedding. Four — the temple/social wedding in Delhi, another ceremony that no one attended in Ghaziabad, the official court proceeding in Ghaziabad, and the St. Louis social ceremony — were with each other. Per tradition, Ishani’s first wedding was to a tree behind her house.

A sincere thanks to everyone who was there with us in St. Louis to celebrate. Those who wanted to but couldn’t make it were of course missed. We raise a glass to you all.

This post is back dated. Not because I forgot, but we because we’ve been without Internet a majority of the last few days. Hooray for monsoon weather!

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Ishani Weds Adam, in home theaters, finally

So it took a while to get this uploaded. A good long while.

But now, for your consideration and viewing pleasure, here’s the full-length feature by our Delhi video team. The audio levels are low, so I recommend headphones or turning up the stereo.

Bust out the popcorn.

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Young man, blow your horn

Shadi ki band

The Indian wedding band. A loud, esoteric and wonderful institution. Is this man is playing a trom-pet. Or a trum-bone? I can’t tell.

During the groom’s procession at a typical wedding, a show of music, dancing, firecrackers, lights and is headlined by the band. It’s not clear, honestly, how much musical training these guys have, but they huff and puff and bang and harangue.

All good fun.

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Hungry? Check out this wedding spread

Wedge shami kebab

At the fancy Desi wedding I attended last fall with friends, food stations ran the gamut of Indian noshes. I made good use of my time at the veg (“wedge,” in the Hindi inflection) stalls.

Editing these photos makes me hungry. See below.

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PaTake! (Fireworks!)


I attended my first Indian wedding at the end of October. I’ve wandered past and through a few wedding parties raging on the streets of Delhi, but this was a fancy shindig in a large open air ground with food galore, a DJ and hundreds of people.

And like any pukka Indian wedding, fireworks. Loads of fireworks.

Technically paTake refers to small firecrackers. The proper aerial fireworks have another name — atishbaji — though I’m not sure anyone would use it.

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Going to the sarkar and they’re gonna get married…

Earlier this month, I had the honor of photographing the civil wedding (read: navigating the web of India government) of two Delhi friends, Poh Si Teng and Mayank Misra. They were some of the first people I got to know in the city.

The wedding day had ups and downs and they invited me to be there for the whole thing: getting dressed, car rides in Delhi heat, power cuts, paperwork, Indian bureaucracy, tangling with the sarkar, the eventual success and a fine celebration afterward.

Many congrats Poh Si and Mayank.

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